Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Presently due to lack of free space gardening is practiced inside the house in containers or pots thus known as Container Gardening. For this type of gardening, the containers which are used are generally pots made of terracotta/plastics/wind box. In some places, container gardening is done due to the unsuitable climatic conditions for the plants.Mostly we can see container gardening is dealt with flowers for decorations. However, some addition of vegetables not only gives a sense of variety to it but also helps in getting fresh food as well.

Some fruit plants are well grown in containers and they give much better results in terms of fruits quantity than when they are grown outside for example strawberries. Since they don’t get enough room to spread their roots, they put their full concentration and energy in producing fruits.

There are some preparations which are needed to be taken for container gardening.

First, a pot needs to be selected which will have a required drainage. Then comes the soil which should not be the garden soil. Garden soil is pretty heavy for container gardening. Some pot with an adequate amount of fertilizer and compost is good for this type of gardening. While planting the plants it should be kept in mind that the tender roots should get soft soil to anchor in. The roots should also be massaged and slightly broken. After that using a root starting fertilizer will strengthen the plant for its survival. Trimming the plant is the last step so that they can grow fuller. In container gardening plant of same maintenance, kinds should be paired up so that a condition of either or survival does not come.



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