Herb Garden Starting and Maintenance

Herb Garden Starting and Maintenance

Owning a herb garden is something every household needs to embrace. The following paragraphs tells you why and how to start one.

Uses of Herbs
From California poppy, Ginger to Peppermint, different herbs have been used since time immemorial for different purposes including;
1. To cure illnesses e.g. Dandelion.
2. For cooking e.g. ginger and garlic.
3. Hair treatment e.g. rosemary.

Why own a herb garden?
Growing herbs is the easiest way to start gardening. Benefits of owning a herb garden can be reduced to those of the herbs itself. Not just for cooking, herb garden and herbs are great for home beauty.

Steps for making an effective herb garden
1. The first step involves knowing the herbs you want to plant. Since different herbs require different conditions to do well, knowing what you need is fundamental.
2. Pick a right location for your herb garden. The location might be shady or sunny, wet or dry depending on the type of the herb.
3. Soil preparation. Composting will help increase the soil nutrients.
4. Planting the herb. You can start from seed or as a plant.

Herb garden maintenance
Maintain the moisture of the garden. Embrace mulching to prevent weeds and to maintain the soil temperature.
Harvest the herbs frequently to promote foliage production and new growth.



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