Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Growing citrus trees in your vegetable garden can provide you with delicious juicy fruit for a long time. These trees are evergreen with shiny leaves which can bring beauty to your land. Most of them grow to about thirty feet tall. They bear fruits with different sizes as well as forms, they are full of juice and also flavor. The sprouts of these trees have a wonderful fragrance.

The most popular classifications include; lime, sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine. Also, there are some citrus varieties of each category with some species can only be used for ornamental purposes, for example, trifoliate orange. This species is a deciduous one and its fruit is not edible. The
Citrange is a hybrid of the sweet orange and trifoliate that is not affected by frost. Although they are full of juice, they cannot be eaten and are often used as root-stocks. some hybrids of the tangerine and grapefruit which are referred to as tangelos are very delicious.

Some other varieties citrus available for planting are red-fleshed or ruby red grapefruits, pink-fleshed lemons, and red-fleshed or blood oranges. Besides, there are some variegated forms that have leaves and peel with a combination of white and green.

Citrus trees are very sensitive to temperature changes. If the temperature falls below the freezing point, it may lower the quality of the fruits; if it falls further it may kill the tree. Limes and lemons do best when they are grown under warm conditions; Satsuma mandarins often can perform well on areas with low temperatures.

Cooler regions will produce peel and juice with deeper orange colors. The thickest citrus often occurs in the dry areas and the juiciest occurs in humid or wet regions. The grapefruit will have an acidic taste in cooler climates and a sweet taste in hotter climates.

Citrus trees will bloom on and off all year the round and continuously give you fruits. Some varieties will flower during the spring, but mature fruits can remain on the trees for many months.These trees will greatly benefit you with a great beauty as well as providing fruits throughout the year.



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